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Automation and computer engineering

Automation and computer engineering

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Objectives and multidisciplinary skills

• A number of professionnal speakers share their
experience of the industrial world.

• 11 month internship over 3 years

• Quick graduate placement-1 month


The Control systems and Information technology program aims to provide a
double professional skill, allowing to master both computer engineering tools and
the design of automated systems. We particularly emphasize on Software Development,
Industrial Automation, Industrial Monitoring Systems, Real-Time Embedded Systems,
Robotics, Human-Machine Interface and Virtual and Augmented Reality. Our goal is to
train engineers through theoretical and practical courses, collaborative projects, and long
duration internships.



  • Strong skills in software development, programming languages, computer

    technologies and human-computer interaction.

  • Ability to integrate information technology in automated processes (supervision

   systems, communication network,...), in electronic solutions (embedded systems...)

  • Administration of computer systems (security, etc.) and databases.
  • Ability to design, develop and evaluate innovative virtual reality applications.
  • Ability to interact, share, explain as a project manager.